Dust Collector

  • Impulse dust collector

    Impulse dust collector

    MG DMC Pulse Bag Dparagraph Collector use compressed air as the cleaning medium, the compressed air is released instantaneously through a pulsed injection mechanism, and high-pressure air induces the surrounding air into the filter bag at a high speed, which causes the filter bag to expand rapidly. The dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag is exfoliated by means of shock and reverse airflow. The dust under cleaning falls into the collecting hopper, which is discharged from the body through the bottom ash valve. This design is compact in structure, convenient in maintenance, which has the characteristics of large ash removal kinetic energy and high ash removal efficiency. It is widely used in the purification of dust containing gas in building materials, mining, chemical industry, coal, powder processing and other industries.

  • MG Impulse Bag Dust Collector For Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Factory

    MG Impulse Bag Dust Collector For Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Factory

    MG Impulse dust collector adopts the single pulse injection cleaning method, which has the advantages of good cleaning effect, high purification efficiency and high handling capacity, longer service life of Filter-bag, less maintenance to ensure its safe and reliable in operation.

    The system is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, mining and other industrial enterprises of non-fiber industrial dust removal and material recovery.

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