Sand Dryer

  • MG Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer

    MG Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer

    What’s the three-cylinder rotary dryer?

    The three-cylinder dryer is the introduction of european technology, which consists of the three different diameters concentric cylinders, and it Contacts each other together. In the cylinder with different Angle and distance stripper plate and the guide plate, this structure ensure is drying materials by gravity along the spiral movement direction, and it keep enough retention time and sufficient dispersion in the cylinder dryer., that was drying materials in the cylinder from inside the furnace within and heat flow sufficiently heat exchange.


  • Three Cylinder Drum Sand Dryer

    Three Cylinder Drum Sand Dryer

    MG Three-cylinder Rotary Dryer is composed of three concentric cylinders with different diameters. The special three-cylinder structure makes the inner cylinder and the middle cylinder surrounded by the outer cylinder to form an own thermal insulation system. The heat emitted from the surface of the inner cylinder and the middle cylinder is involved in the heat exchange of the materials in the outer cylinder, and the outer cylinder is at the low temperature end of the hot gas flow, so the heat dissipation area and heat loss of the cylinder are significantly reduced. Energy-saving three-cylinder dryer can make full use of waste heat, reduce heat loss, increase the heat exchange area.

    MG dryer is mainly used for drying river sand, yellow sand, silica sand, quartz sand, mechanism sand and various specifications of sand, slag, limestone,coal ash, clay and so on.

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